my third session teaching with clickers

My third clicker session was on 18th August 2010 at 11:00

The subject was E-Commerce from Chapter 5 of the text book

What worked:
For the first time I used a warm-up slide. I asked the question “How are you feeling today” with some normal answers and some funny ones. This was a fun way to start. I then used a few optical illusion slides and these went down well and the students seemed to enjoy the process. I also ended with a fun question about optical illusions.

What didn’t work:
I thought it would be easy to find warm-up slide questions but I couldn’t. I only decided to add this on the morning of the lecture and finding the right question took longer than I thought.

I added a countdown timer but it never really worked as I thought. It involves an extra click and that was confusing. I also didn’t use it on all slides so some ended too soon. I wanted to re-poll these but couldn’t remember the command to do this (I think it is F4)

Some of the slides had the same answer twice and this was just sloppy on my part. This obviously confused the students and it also changed the results. As some voted for say option 1 and others voted for option 5 when in fact they were the same answer.

I tried to use a participation list but realised that the list needs to be loaded on the computer doing the presentation. This seems obvious in hindsight, but I created the presentation on my work PC using a participation list and then copy the presentation to the laptop. The participation list is a standalone file in the Turning Point directory.

What would I change:

  • I would finalise my slide the day before. This would give my more time to run through the presentation
  • I had too much content and should have cut this down
  • I need to rehearse my timings

Lessons learnt:

  • Content lecture time is reduced when using Clickers (this sounds obvious but is true)
  • Using Clickers takes time to handout and time to collect
  • A Clicker lecture needs more precise time allocating than a normal lecture
  • I need to develop a bank of fun and amusing warm-up slides to be used at the beginning
  • Printout a list of TurningPoint shortcut keys and put it next to the laptop

Things to try

  • I must try to use the Registration Tool
  • I need to learn how the countdown timer actually works