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I use Mendeley software a lot and today they released an update to the desktop version of their software. The popup box described what changed and it was very clear and informative. My initial response what that sometimes a simple and clear message is better than a fancy one or one with no information at all. iPhone apps update often just say bug fixes which is mildly irritating to say the least.

Good design needs to have a clear and simple message that leads to the required action (in this case to update the software).

Here is what the update said:

Mendeley - New version available

Mendeley Desktop 1.16.1
crash fixes
  • While displaying the user profile in notes.
  • When modifying the list of document authors.
general bug fixes
  • Fixed excessively long startup times for users with large libraries.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a note would delete a wrong one.
  • Fixed a sync error caused by Mendeley Desktop erroneously submitting an empty websites field entry.
  • Fixed an issue where citation data (e.g. status of “Suppress authors” checkbox) was prevented from being saved.
visual improvements
  • Fixed an issue where the user name would overlap the date in notes.
  • (Linux) Fixed an issue where editing an author would not show the right tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering documents would result in an “Empty search query…” notification being displayed.
  • Fixed a variety of visual issues related to displaying the startup splash screen.
feedback and support
  • If you have suggestions for improvements please let us know by visiting the feedback forum.
  • If you encounter any problems using Mendeley or have questions to ask please contact our support team.
  • For news and updates about Mendeley see our blog.

Clear and concise and to the point!

student essay: trojans and worms


When people speak about worm and trojans they frequently say worms in place of trojans and vice verse, however, trojans and worms cannot be said interchangeably like that as they are different. The only thing that they have in common is that they are very harmful to ones computer.

Differentiation between Trojans and Worms

What Is a Trojan Virus?

A Trojan virus attempts to connect itself to a file so that as people share their files it spreads and multiplies, resulting in hundreds and thousands of people having the virus on their computer. There are different degrees of trojans viruses: Some may have minor effects and some may permanently damage one’s software or even hardware, that shall be discussed in much detail later.

A large number of  trojan viruses connect to a executable file. What that means is that the trojan virus may be present on one’s computer but it can not cause any damage or even spread the files because the hazardous program has not run on the disk. In order for viruses to spread there has to be a human act, actually the spreading of the trojan virus is caused by human activity of running the program on to their disks but note that their activity is without any knowledge.

What Is a Worm?

Worms are alike to trojans in terms of design and are regarded as a sub-class of a trojan virus. Worms multiply and they do this  even without human activity. Worms are able to commute from computer to computer without being sensed as it takes the lead on the file information transferring system.

The most hazardous feature of a worm is that one worm can make thousands of copies of itself and then it may send the replicas to one’s contact list of e-mails of which then causes a horrific effect.

Types of Trojan Viruses

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