version naming convention

Rather than name development releases with a number I’ve always liked the idea to give the release names. One option is to use a convention where the release is named by taking the major version number and using the corresponding name from the phonetic number aplphabet.

So I initially wanted to use:

0 : Zero, 1 : Won, 2 : Too, 3 : Tree, etc.

But I realized today that version 3 (i.e. “Tree”) sounds too much like “Free” and it didn’t seem to be good practice to call a version “free” if it wasn’t actually free.

So going forward my development release version naming convention will be as follows:

0 : Ze-ro

1 : Wun

2 : Too

3 : Thuh-ree

4 : Fo-wer

5 : Fi-yiv

6 : Six

7 : SEVen

8: Ate

9 : NINer

So for example if the project is called Photopia then the release for version 3 will be named:

Photopia Thuhree

I’ll see how this goes, but does seem better to me than using a number eg “Photopia v3”