protection of information bill

Drowning in a sea of corruption – help finally arrived

I created the image above because I wanted to express my feeling of helplessness about what is going on.  All I can do is stand and watch while the politicians write laws that rescue those who don’t deserved to be rescued.

It is my view that the Protection of Information Bill will save those who are drowning in a sea of corruption and that the bill will be used to classify documents that should be in the public domain. Corrupt officials will use the bill to classify documents  and then use this classification to prevent the information from being passed on to the media.

I think that the bill poses a huge threat to our democracy in South Africa and is a blow to freedom of the press and will have a “particularly deadening effect on the work of investigative journalists, anti-corruption campaigners, shop stewards and others.”

For more information read the Mail & Guardian:

toothickfor university

Toothickfor University by barbourians
Toothickfor University, a photo by barbourians on Flickr.

I want to get this printed and wear it around campus to see if anyone notices. I like that the T and the U make a sort of sad face. I should get a few printed and then sell them on the day that results come out.

I created this in MS Word and then took a screenshot so it’s not very good quality.

I saw this many years ago but have searched the internet for a design to use but couldn’t find one so I did this myself. And if you don’t get the joke then maybe you are too thick for the Internet.

1964 is when I was born.

birth announcements …

Birth Announcements ... by barbourians
Birth Announcements …, a photo by barbourians on Flickr.

Facebook has so much including changed how birth announcements are done today.

100 years ago – A fancy card with a stork (it was always the stork who brought babies)

50 years ago – A telegram from the Post Office

10 years ago – An email to all your friends
Today – A blow-by-blow account of Facebook updates

Doesn’t anybody send cards anymore?

Photo Credits:
* Stork photo: BY-NC-SA columnfive
* Baby photo: BY-NC-SA digitaldefection
* Telegram: BY-SA barbourians