below is a summary of my personal projects:

umfundi ~ student

umfundi means student in isiXhosa and I started this project because I needed a place to capture all my notes from all the readings of academic papers that I needed to do in my role as a part-time post-graduate university student.

The system consists of a number of different Python programs that extract the bibliographical data that is stored in my local version of Mendeley Reference Manager, and then convert and upload the information to a wiki. I am then able to add my notes by editing the relevant wiki page.

The wiki I’m using is DokuWiki mainly because the technology is text based and so I can use it without the need for a database. I tried using MediaWiki but it didn’t provide the flexibility that I needed.¬†DokuWiki provides all the flexibility that I need to create a research workflow and the concept for Umfundi is copied from Stian H√•klev, a PhD student at OISE/University of Toronto. His student DokuWiki can be found at I am grateful to him for making his student workflow open to all and for being an “open scholar”.

umzi ~ community


ikhompyutha ~ computer