the assignment sandwich

The Assignment Sandwich

Sketchnotes from a talk by Mary Lea “Digital Literacies: Exploring textual practices in a digital higher education”

Teachers give an assignment and then grade the submission

But what about the stuff in the middle?

What happens between giving an assignment and grading the assignment? Do teachers see what happens? Do students share what happens? Do we talk about what happens during this process? do we know what is there? What is in the middle?

Very little attention is paid to the middle of the assignment sandwich!

So what can we do about it? Well we can make it visible. We can share it. We can talk about it. Maybe even get the students to submit it with their assignment.

What we must not do is marginalise the process.


toothickfor university

Toothickfor University by barbourians
Toothickfor University, a photo by barbourians on Flickr.

I want to get this printed and wear it around campus to see if anyone notices. I like that the T and the U make a sort of sad face. I should get a few printed and then sell them on the day that results come out.

I created this in MS Word and then took a screenshot so it’s not very good quality.

I saw this many years ago but have searched the internet for a design to use but couldn’t find one so I did this myself. And if you don’t get the joke then maybe you are too thick for the Internet.

1964 is when I was born.

birth announcements …

Birth Announcements ... by barbourians
Birth Announcements …, a photo by barbourians on Flickr.

Facebook has so much including changed how birth announcements are done today.

100 years ago – A fancy card with a stork (it was always the stork who brought babies)

50 years ago – A telegram from the Post Office

10 years ago – An email to all your friends
Today – A blow-by-blow account of Facebook updates

Doesn’t anybody send cards anymore?

Photo Credits:
* Stork photo: BY-NC-SA columnfive
* Baby photo: BY-NC-SA digitaldefection
* Telegram: BY-SA barbourians

expressions of love …

Expressions of Love ... by barbourians
Expressions of Love …, a photo by barbourians on Flickr.

My drawing to express my thoughts about how Facebook has changed everything – including how kids today express their love for each other.

100 years ago – handwritten letters
50 years ago – a typed note
10 years ago – a text SMS
Today – just change your status on Facebook

Doesn’t anybody write letters any more?