Island of Research journey map

In a previous post I wrote about how I tried to find the copyright owner of the diagram The Island of Research and how I made contact with Ernest Harburg.

The journey through The Island of Research is as follows (although it isn’t always a linear process!):

  • City of Hope
  • Bay of Literature
  • River of Words
  • Jungle of Authority
  • Problem Range
  • Pinnacle of Dogmatism
  • Peaks of Confusion
  • Money Pass
  • Study Design
  • Instruments
  • Entree Tactics
  • Redesign Path
  • Pretest
  • Ridge of Boredom
  • Population Data Run
  • Forest of Fatigue
  • Serendipity Mine
  • Coding
  • canyon of Despair
  • Mount Where-are-we-going?
  • Data Analysis Jungle
  • Data Fever-Breeding Ground
  • D.D.D. Delata of dirty Data
  • More Data Trail
  • Wreck Heap of Discarded Hypotheses
  • Where-am-I Fog
  • Bay of Leisure
  • to Administration Island
  • The Great Fund-less dessert
  • No Budget Trail
  • Plains of Report Writing
  • Rewrite Trail
  • Bog of Lost Manuscripts
  • Delta of Editors

Surrounded by:

  • The Sea of Theory
  • Know-it-all Isle

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