ian barbour

My name is Ian Barbour and I currently live in Cape Town, South Africa.

The purpose of this site is two-fold:

  1. To give myself a place to write.
  2. To have a place on the internet where I can store my digital artefacts.

James Altucher says that if you are looking for a place to write then why not use FaceBook status updates. Now that doesn’t really suit me as I don’t really like FaceBook, but from that I get the concept that the key to developing a writing habit is to have a place to go where it is simple to enter what you want to say and post it to an audience. So rather than use Facebook I use this site as a place to capture my writing.

The second purpose relates to having a place on the Internet that I own and control where I can put my digital “stuff” (more correctly referred to as artefacts or artifacts). A place to store posts from other sites or from other domains that I have used over time. I place that I own. Matt Mullenweg (of WordPress fame) talks about having your own place on the web outside of the big social media sites or photo storing sites. So this is the place for me. I still have a lot of photos on Flickr and I will leave them there as I really like the Creative Commons options that can be set. Flickr allows me to be very clear to others how my photos can be used and for what purpose (most are by-nc-sa) which I really like as I really want my photos to be useful to others.

Ian Barbour

Ian Barbour