student essay: social networking

With the rapid change and growth in technology in society today, it is important to be aware of such advances and take advantage where possible. For example, over the last few years, social networking has become increasingly popular. Overtime, it has become the way the 21st century communicates.

In this social networking industry, there are many big market player social sites. Namely, Facebook, MXit, Twitter, MySpace and Skype are a few of the really influential sites to date. The use thereof, whether it is of a personal or professional nature, if used correctly, it can generate great satisfaction and if not, it can have just as many drawbacks. When used smartly, however, a great deal of benefits can be enjoyed.

On a personal aspect, social networks link people with the same interests, goals, and backgrounds. It forms as a means to reconnect with friends and family and build and maintain relationships. As mentioned previously, certain rights are relinquished once information is published on such sites. This is when the privacy and security start becoming an issue.

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