birth announcements …

Birth Announcements ... by barbourians
Birth Announcements …, a photo by barbourians on Flickr.

Facebook has so much including changed how birth announcements are done today.

100 years ago – A fancy card with a stork (it was always the stork who brought babies)

50 years ago – A telegram from the Post Office

10 years ago – An email to all your friends
Today – A blow-by-blow account of Facebook updates

Doesn’t anybody send cards anymore?

Photo Credits:
* Stork photo: BY-NC-SA columnfive
* Baby photo: BY-NC-SA digitaldefection
* Telegram: BY-SA barbourians

expressions of love …

Expressions of Love ... by barbourians
Expressions of Love …, a photo by barbourians on Flickr.

My drawing to express my thoughts about how Facebook has changed everything – including how kids today express their love for each other.

100 years ago – handwritten letters
50 years ago – a typed note
10 years ago – a text SMS
Today – just change your status on Facebook

Doesn’t anybody write letters any more?